DVD: Introduction to Playing the Panflute #1

By Joeri Murk

Presentation of the Panflute used in this video. Tips for playing a panflute.

Tongue Articulation
1. Spitting
2. Smiling
Producing a sound
3. Tonguing and air stream
4. Lip-pression and lip-flattering
5. Feeling the air stream
Control the air-stream
6. Move the air-stream up and down
7. Correct position of the jaw
8. The flute is at the edge of your lower lip
9. Lower the air stream to the edge of the pipe

Breathing Technique

10. Diaphragm breathing
11. Thorax breathing
12. Differentiate between diaphragm and thorax breathing
13. Combining diaphragm and thorax breathing
14. First exhale from the abdomen
15. Breathing and sliding the panflute into the air stream
Changing the pitch
16. Covering the opening of the pipe
17. Uncovering the opening of the pipe
18. Covering and uncovering the opening of each pipe from G' to G"
Breathing rhythm
19. 2 beats breathing 4 beats sound
20. Play the scale from G' to G"
21. Playing intervals
Holding the panflute