Photo Gallery

The Dajoeri Photo Gallery is an impressing archive of pictures and short comments. It is organized by yearly Albums which capture most of our major and some minor events. For organizational reason our Photo Gallery is designed bilingual, that means text shows up simultaneously in English and German.

Photo Album 2002 Arosa Seminar, Summer Tune, Fall Seminar, 250 Panflutes
Photo Album 2003-1 Frankfurt Musikmesse, Karlsruhe Seminar, CD-Studio, Open House
Photo Album 2003-2 Grill Party, Arosa Panflute Festival I and II, Late Summer Tune
Photo Album 2003-3 Fall Seminar, Speyer Seminar, Christmas Exhibition and Pictures
Photo Album 2004-1 Open House, Fall Seminar, Karlsruhe Seminar, Grill Parties
Photo Album 2004-2 Arosa Panflute Festival, Late Summer Tune
Photo Album 2005-1 Concert Week Korea, Grossmuenster Zurich Concert
Photo Album 2005-2 Arosa Panflute Festival 2005. I, II, III, IV, V and movies.
Photo Album 2005-3 Fall Seminar Planatsch 2005
Photo Album 2006-1 Frankfurt Music Fair, Open House, Spring Seminar Planatsch
Photo Album 2006-2 Arosa Panflute Festival 2006. (15th anniversary)
Photo Album 2006-3 Fall Seminar Planatsch 2006
Photo Album 2007-1 Music Fair Frankfurt (Germany)
Photo Album 2007-2 Spring Seminar Planatsch 2007
Photo Album 2007-3 Arosa Panflute Festival 2007
Photo Album 2007-4 Beneficiary Concert with 450 Panflutes
Photo Album 2008-1 Spring Seminar Planatsch 2008